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The 1698/2005 European Union Regulation on, support for rural development by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, provides that "Each member of the EU shall set up a professional National Rural Network in order to manage the organizations and administrations in rural development."

The Minister of Agriculture, in order to fulfil the requirement, established the function regulations and roles of the Hungarian National Rural Network (HNRN). The following tasks describe the main areas that the HNRN working on:

• Announce project proposals for registered members of the Network

• Organize professional forums, trainings, coordination activities

• Perform communication tasks (e.g.: organizing professional experience exchange, presenting the results of the Rural Development Program)

• Establishing and maintaining international relations (e.g. with the European Network for Rural Development or other national rural networks)

The HNRN connects the ones involved in rural development and public administration institutes in order to increase their participation in the implementation of the program and to improve the quality of the Rural Development Program.

The Network also enables the monitoring activities of local action groups and the strategic development of local rural development. Also, an important role is communicating the results of evaluations, as well as providing methodological assistance in the collected data and disseminate and introduce the good practices.

The Permanent Secretariat

The Permanent Secretariat operates as the organizational unit of the Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Kft., the operational body of the HNRN, and performs the following tasks:

  • Prepare a proposal for an action plan
  • Coordinates the registration of the HNRN
  • Provide secretarial services for the Council and the Presidency and the related administration
  • Forward information between the Council, the Presidency and the registrants of the HNRN
  • Organizes and performs the tasks arising from the international relations of the HNRN, in particular the co-operation within the framework of the ENRD and the EIP network
  • Performs other professional tasks related to the day-to-day operation of the HNRN and the cooperation of rural development actors
  • Participates in the performance of tasks supporting the implementation of the LEADER program,
  • Ensure the dissemination of expert work within the ENRD and the EIP network and information available to registrants at professional events.

Contact Information:

Magyar Nemzeti Vidéki Hálózat (Hungarian National Rural Network)
Herman Otto Institute
Park u.2. (street)
Budapest H - 1223

Rita Székely (Secretary General): @email
Tímea Németh (International Project Coordinator): @email

Local Representatives

The HNRN has 17 local representatives countrywide, who demonstrate the key pillars of the Network. Their main task is to connect with local businesses and organizations and transmit their needs and wishes to the Permanent Secretariat. In their county, they support the implementation of the MNVH's rural development project projects, provide information assistance to potential partners for the submission of project proposals, randomly check the implementation of supported project projects, create a database of the implemented projects and collect good practices.